Thursday, February 18, 2010

its time to send your blankets!!!

if you have made some blankets its time to send them to rosamund!!  please email her for her address.  she will be meeting with her friend in mid -march to deliver them so they can be sent to the children in haiti. 

if you haven't made one and can find an hour to quickly whip one up please consider doing so.  i recently saw a newstory about the children in haiti and saw how happy the children were!  to see them still smiling after all they've been through is inspiring!

thank you to all who have expressed interest in making a blanket.  we hope to have another opportunity later this summer for round two.  as always - we will keep you posted.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Just In...

My mother sent me this photo of the six blankets she has created for the children of Haiti in just the past few days. Fantastic! If you email me a photo of your blanket(s) I will be sure to post them here. Thanks Mom!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blanket Tutorial

This is a photo of a baby-sized blanket I made today. It cost me $5.39 and was seriously easy to make. Before I get into the tutorial, I wanted to share a little information regarding the fleece I used. Unfortunately, my efforts to obtain some polartec 100 discounts online did not go well. Apparently, many people ask for discounts and they cannot give them to everyone. The polartec was expensive to order online - approx. $10/yrd. and then $8.00 shipping. I went to Joann which worked out quite well because Joann just so happens to be having a 40% off fleece sale this week until January 30th! Yipee!! I made this blanket with one yard of no pill polar fleece - 100% polyester. (Not the blizzard kind). I was told that most of the fleece at Joann is the weight I purchased to make this blanket. It looks and feels like the weight of an airline blanket. Thinner and lighter weight. As my friend Tracy said, not Minnesota fleece! This solid color, no pill fleece was originally $8.99/yrd. and was discounted to $5.39/yrd. My mother went to her Joann in RI and found fleece in the remnant section. She made two blankets for $5.00! I hope this bit of purchasing information is helpful. There is no need to break the bank to send some love to Haiti. Now on to the tutorial...

First, I trimmed the edges of my yard of fleece so that the edges were straight and even. Next, I folded the edges over twice to hide the raw edge which created a 1" hem. I pinned as I folded like this...
My mother is an excellent sewer and told me she did not pin - just folded as she sewed. I wanted to be more careful as I did not think I could much tolerate having to rip things out today so I took the time to pin. Whichever way is best for you is what you should do. Also, the hem can be a different size if you prefer. This tutorial is merely meant to be a general guideline.
Next, I set my sewing machine on the widest zig zag setting (11 on my machine).

Then I simply sewed the folded edge around the blanket. The wide zig zag stitch gives a nice finished edge - almost serger like (Thanks for the advice, Mom). Of course, if you have a serger, this would be the way to go.

I then just cut a heart out of a red piece of fleece, and sewed it onto the blanket using the same zig zag stitch. I did make sure to change the top thread to the color red.
Just a couple of tips...because fleece stretches, it is best to use a long stitch on your machine. This gives less of an opportunity for puckering. Also, try to guide the fabric rather than pull it through the machine as you're sewing - this will also prevent puckering.
Of course, there are other ways that this blanket can be created. You can blanket stitch the edges, you can add a fabric edge, for example. Again, this is meant to be a guideline.
The dimensions of this baby blanket are 53"L x 33"W. (A crib size blanket is "46x33").
Guideline dimensions for a child sized blanket are 57"x48".
Guideline dimensions for a youth sized blanket are 60"x45".
And there you have it - easy peasy!
Please don't hesitate to add helpful comments/ideas to this tutorial. Also, questions are most welcome.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pillow Update

since the pillows are not urgently needed the deadline for them will be sometime early fall.  they (along with the dolls) will be delivered to an orphanage to be determined.  that being said - i will be gladly take any donations and hold them until then.  so if you are making a blanket and wish to make the pillow at the same time then please go ahead. 

i should have my pillow and doll pictures up by next friday for those who would like a pattern and some ideas. again - i ask that you add some heart embellishment on them to represent the hearts campaign.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update - Blankets for Haiti

During the past few days, I have been researching the best material to use for making blankets for Haiti. I have found that the best possible material is polartec 100 (100% polyester), which is the lightest weight fleece. It is ideal for Haiti's climate and it can be easily handwashed and quickly air dried. *Please do not send knit, crochet or quilted blankets, as these will not be practical for intended use. I am currently looking into an online source for polartec 100. When I find the best source, I will be sure to post a link.

In the next week, I will also post a blanket tutorial with dimensions for two different sizes. This is intended as a general guideline - it is not absolutely necessary to follow it. These blankets will be very easy to make - a simple cut to size, blanket stitch around the edges, or add an edging like the blanket pictured. You can also add a creative applique, such as the heart Lorena recommended (which I love). Be creative and design from your heart!

Please tell all of your creative friends about this blanket drive. We need a sizable group to sign on to sew. Please help keep a child from Haiti warm with your love and support.

If you are not able to leave a comment to say that you'll join us but are interested in participating, please email me at

Thanks so much!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Phase 1 - blankets

Blankets are the first priority.  Lisa will be meeting her contact at Partners In Health on March 19th so she is requesting that blankets be sent to her by March 15th.  If for whatever reason you miss that deadline it is ok b/c any extra blankets can be sent with the pillows that will go out at a later date. Once you have made a blanket please contact Lisa for her mailing address.

Here is some info concerning the blankets:

  • The blankets could be handmade child-size in any fashion - knit, crochet, quilted, etc and be any size - for infant, young child or twin sized for an older child.
  • They need to have the ability to be easily hand washed and easily and quickly air dried. They are VERY concerned about the spread of disease and infection. There is no means by which to wash anything by machine.
  • So with all of this in mind, she said that handmade blankets need to be made of cotton or best would be lightweight washable fleece. It would be important to keep this in mind for pillows as well.
  • Since the blankets are part of the hearts campaign I think it would be nice to incorporate a heart onto the blanket somehow.   

We would love to see any blankets you've made so please feel free to post a picture here!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hearts for Haiti

the earthquake in haiti last week was devastating.  that country has had to endure hardship after hardship for many many years.  there are many wonderful organizations that have been quick to respond to this most recent disaster by providing food, water and other emergency supplies and rescuers.  but what happens later?  after the headlines die down?  our thoughts will once again be focused on our country..and i'm not sayiing that is a bad thing b/c quite frankly we have alot of problems in our country right now that need immediate attention.

but - even with our country's unemployment problems and healthcare issues (both of which my family is experiencing firsthand) i can't stop thinking that even though we are dealing with cobra and looking for work - we have each other.  my boys have 2 parents, a roof over their head, quality education, too many clothes/toys/opportunities........and for that i feel truly blessed and thankful to live in this country. 

in haiti - many have no roofs or toys or food.  many have lost their children, their parents, their family and friends.  i may not be able to help with that kind of loss...but i can help them not lose hope.   

that is what the hearts compaign is all about.  making a connection to people in crisis - heart to heart.

with the recent earthquake i am focusing on the children of haiti.  those left orphaned and alone.  i want to provide a glimmer of hope - to bring a smile to a child who otherwise has no reason to smile.

this campaign will provide homemade heart pillows w/doll to children in an orphanage in haiti. i am partnering with lisa from rosamund in this effort.  she will handle the blankets end of it. we have a way of getting them to haiti and a rough timeline of when it will all happen this year.  as details get ironed out i will post them here with information on how you can get involved.  even if you and your family want to make one pillow and/or one blanket that is enough to make a child smile.

my vision is to use the hearts campaign for any peoples or country in crisis.  right now our focus is haiti.  together we can make a difference.